Travel Assistance Services

Travel Assistance Services

Travel Assistance Services

Travel Assistance Services

Travel Assistance Services

Help You Travel the

World Even If You Are

Not Physically Able

Grace Care Service are registered NDIS support programs offering travel assistance services to NDIS participants.

Travel Assistance Services – This program is designed to support people with disability who wanted to travel independently without compromising safety.

People with a disability or due to age sometimes are not able to travel to the places where they always wanted to, but they’re so no worry when you are with us.

Our dedicated carers help you get to the destination and are always there to help.

Our team is experienced in their work and uses their skills to offer you support where and when you wanted.

When Travel, Contact Our Travel

Assistance to Guide and Support You

Tailored Travel Arrangements Helping and Converting Lives for the Better

Travelling independently is the desire of everyone and makes life more fun but what if you are having a disability or your old age is restricting you to have fun due to safety measures?

We assist you with a dedicated support worker who will guide you every step of the way.

Our travel assistance services will offer you with

  • Make you learn to use public transport
  • Able to travel independently
  • Following every safety measure
  • Access to community organisations
  • Doing daily work like a shopping
  • Visiting the library or park
  • Attending community events, clubs, and groups

The above list is some of the main highlights we offer to our clients as travel assistance so that you can pick the most suitable or according to your preferences.

Most of our services came under the NDIS plan by the Australian government, but if you want something else, then we can help.

Be with The Trained Professionals

Every Time You Wish To

Travel Independently

Grace Care Travel Assistance Services provide travel assistance and transport services to people with disabilities.

We are registered with the NDIS program so that you can avail of the services funded by the NDIS.

Being disabled or old age will not allow you to use public transport with ease but when you will be with our travel assistant, then you will not get any difficulty due to your disability.

So, whether you are planning to hang out with your friends or wanted to go on a holiday, or just for regular shopping for the home, our service provider will happily offer you travel and transport services to you.

You can also prepare a customised plan for your requirements that make you live an independent life

Getting the Travel Assistant and Support to Make You Travel Safely and Freely

Get Your NDIS Registered Travel Assistant Making You Able to Move Without Support

Disabled and aged people find it difficult to travel without assistance or support which can be quite frustrating.

If you are also one who is not able to use private or public transport, then no worries. Grace care service have travel assistance available through NDIS.

Our team of carers will always be by your side and make train and guide you about using the transportation option withal safety measures.

We have a team of compassionate who can support you with your journey to be done independently.

So, note down the requirements and then get the most suitable assistants with 24×7 support.

Get Access to The Personalised

NDIS Travel Assistant Plan

Travelling independently and during their daily chores on their own is like a dream for every disabled and aged people because due to their health conditions, they are not able to do that safely.

With our NDIS travel assistant, we assist the clients so they can be able to move from one place to another independently with safety measures. Using our trained staff helps you to take you to places for personal reasons, work commitments, and pleasure trips. Our assistants will train you to use public transport or personal transport safely. We work with a motto that is to offer support where and when required and help to build the capacity to travel independently

Transport and Travel Services Tailored To The Needs Of Disabled People

Helping You Travel Individually and Without Sacrificing Safety Measures

We will contact you and ask for some general information. You must answer some questions and we will provide you with the most suitable travel package and assistance when and where you require it. For personalised services or plans, you can call or write to us. To contact us, use the details listed below.
Contact us by

Why Choose Us for Getting NDIS
Registered Travel Assistant?

We felt proud to have the experienced support and travel assistants having Australian driving licenses on board. They ensure you are in safe hands. We understand the importance of traveling independently and how it makes your life easy. So, our dedicated support will guide you in the way you are looking for. Along with that we also give you a reason to make us your only choice includes:
  • Assisting older people to make them remain mobile
  • Assisting people who wanted moderate support or have balance issues
  • Help to maintain mobility for people on walkers and rollators
  • Help you roam independently
  • Make you part of social programs
  • 24×7 support services
  • Following government safety standards