Our Services

Grace Care Appointment Services

Get more Services flexibility: Sessions can last from 3 hours depending on the client needs.

Services – We are now offering more flexibility, including 24 hour services. We understand that every client is different and not everyone need 24 hours of care. If you require any of the services above please refer them directly to our email admin@gracecareservice.com.au. Our client service team will be in contact within 1 business day.

Our Services

Our approach

At Grace Care Service, we take a collaborative approach to our services. We work with clients and their families to ensure we provide the best possible care and support. Some of our clients have public guardians, who we also work with for our client’s benefit.
The positive feedback we received from our clients, along with our business values, led us to expand the range of services we offer.

Support Coordinator Services

Our Staff are currently engaged in comprehensive and ongoing training, all staff have either achieved or are working towards care certificates, and diplomas, have a yellow and blue card, police clearance, and have completed the NDIS screening check.

Grace Professional Services

Support Workers Services

Our team of Support Workers and Coordinators are trained by Registered Nurses and Occupational Therapists. We can support your child (or young person) and your family at home as well as to help your child, teen or young adult to get out and about doing more of the things that they love. We support children and young adults who have physical and/or multiple disabilities.

Behaviour Management Services

The team at Grace Care Service are trained and experienced in human and community services. Our team strives every day best they can to support and enable a diverse range of customers across all age groups within the human and community services industry

Our team have a wealth of life experience and varied backgrounds including disability support, behaviour support, education, child safety, forensic services, mental health care, nursing, psychology, organisational behaviour management, training, business management and senior industry leadership.

Support Worker NDIS

Help in the Home

Exercise and Fitness

Travel and Transport

Mentor and Life Skills

Recreational and Social Activities

Health and Nutritional Services

Short-term Accommodation and Assistance (Respite)

Short-term accommodation and assistance (STA) is an NDIS support previously known as respite. Our STA service supports people with disability to have a short stay away from their usual homes. Our service is flexible and designed to be responsive to each family’s circumstances. Whether you choose to tap into our STA service for a few hours a week or use your STA funding to plan for a holiday, we can arrange for our trained staff to come to you, to support you in the community or you may prefer to plan a break at your own holiday destination. No matter the plan, our goal is to be available for you.

Care Services We Provide

Grace Care Service offer in-home care assistance with daily self-care tasks in order to help clients maintain appropriate standards, assist with supervision, and daily personal activities.
For example, we assist clients with:
  • Personal care and hygiene, domestic duties and medication.
  • Moving around the home, sometimes using mobility equipment.
  • Everyday tasks such as meal preparation, shopping, or even budgeting.
  • Attending appointments and getting out and about in the local community.
  • Managing and supporting their complex support needs.
  • Provide friendly guidance and work together towards developing independence and confidence.
  • Support physical health and emotional well-being.

Client's Support in the Community

Recreation and Social Activities
If you have a physical disability, this should not stop you from living an active and full life whereby you are involved in the community in your local area. It is important that we all enjoy a meaningful and purposeful life, and that is what we are here to help you with. Grace Care Service will provide you with a dedicated support worker who will give you the support and assistance you need so that you can live the life you choose, where each day can be different. There are endless possibilities of things you can participate in within your community and our support workers would love to help you to join in and have some fun. For example, visit your local library, visit a local community center and check out their programs, join a sports club or coaching lessons, or participate in social outings.